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When we capture an image, we seize it from the stream of Time, flopping like a freshly caught fish— what we capture feels alive.

Does one finally die in our grip, leaving us only with its carcass?

It is my suspicion that an image is neither dead nor alive, but rather, an immortal object. And yet, it mimics both life and death in its vibrancy, in its stillness... Perhaps, the Image is the synthesis of the two states, or the space in between them: a window into the liminal world.

kids playing in the fog

I approach photography as a near-sacred act, as if each image were a moment suspended in Eternity, a portal into some alternate afterlife. As a photographer, I do not think myself a Creator, per se, but a humble explorer of this liminal space— it is my duty to find the images that surround me, otherwise lost to the all-consuming Present.

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